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Dreamcast for $150, or even FREE!!

Yup, that's right, from now until the end of August, DC is only $150.  That is after you get a $50 rebate.  All you have to do is access the internet through your DC, and POOF, Sega will send you 50 bucks.  If you don't have access to the internet, you can sign up for a free month of SegaNet.  Speaking of SegaNet, anyone who signs up with SegaNet for two years gets a $200 rebate and a free keyboard.  So added together, that's a free DC, a free keyboard, and a free game!  Isn't Sega generous...  For more information check out


That's right folks, the makers of Bleem! are creating a version for DC.  What does that mean?  It means you can play PlayStation (PSX) games on Dreamcast!  The Bleem! disks will be sold as four separate 'packs' (about $20 each), and each one is compatible with 100 games (usually grouped together by type of game).  Of course the games will be 'enhanced' by the DC.  Games now run at twice the resolution (640x480), use anti-aliasing, and bi-linear filtering.  Sweet...  Soon all you'll have to do is pop in a Bleem!Cast disk, load it up, take it out, insert your PSX game, and you have a working PSX.

How it will work with games that use the Dual-Shock, has yet to be seen (once again the 'limited' capabilities of the DC controller are far too obvious...).  But Bleem! will be releasing there own controllers for the DC, that are basically Dual-Shocks, called BleemPads.


A video game fan's dream console.  Once Dreamcast is online at least.  Oh, you can chat online right now, how could I forget...  Still, the Dreamcast (DC) does have its fair share of cool games.  Sports games are one of my favorite type of games, and Sega Sports sure knows how to make them.  Visual Concept's NFL2K was a masterpiece.  It's what sold me on the DC.  It's a shame EA isn't on the DC:(, it will be interesting to see how Sega Sports stacks-up against EA on PS2 this year.  But Sega Sports has one advantage that EA doesn't have right now, the DC is online, Baby!!  And of course DC has those cool VMUs too!!

ODCM (The Official Dreamcast Magazine)

I would suggest you subscribe to this magazine, it's only like $15 for a year (6 issues).  Not for its content (which is just O.K. since it's only bi-monthly, and hence the information in it can be somewhat dated at times), but for the "FREE" GD disk that it comes with.  You not only get demos of upcoming games (it's what sold me on ChuChu), but you get updated versions of the web browser.  Not to mention it is where you can get Sega Swirl, which is a cool (and FREE) puzzle game like Tetris.  So, fill-out that card that came with your DC today... or check out for more information.

Sega Swirl 

This is Sega's latest take on the classic game of Tetris.  While it does not come close to Tetris' greatness, it's still loads of fun.  Best yet, it's FREE (beat that Sony!)!  The game can be found on the GD's that come bundled with issues of ODCM if you did not get it with your DC.  You can also download a PC version of the game here, and check out high scores that have been submitted.



Top 10 DC Games  (click for review, if available)

  1. Soul Calibur (fighting, 100/100)
  2. NFL2K (football, 98/100)
  3. Dead or Alive 2 (fighting, 95/100)
  4. Resident Evil - Code: Veronica (survival horror, 95/100)
  5. ChuChu Rocket (puzzle, 94/100)
  6. Toy Commander (strategy/sim, 92/100)
  7. Ready 2 Rumble (boxing, 90/100)
  8. Crazy Taxi (arcade, 90/100)
  9. Sega Swirl (puzzle, 82/100)
  10. NBA2K (basketball, 80/100)

Most Wanted DC Games

Jet Grind Radio  (formally Jet Set Radio)
Phantasy Star Online
Powerstone 2
Sonic Shuffle
Half-Life/Team Fortress Classic



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