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I Seek You...

The fastest way to reach us here at M2R is through ICQ.
(On a Dreamcast? Click here...)

ICQ#  (BoneStormer) 73905210
Current Status
If you have a running ICQ client (i.e. you have ICQ):
You can Chat Me, ICQ-Me, and/or Add Me to your contact list.
Netscape Users: If you are prompted to Pick App or Save File, select Pick App and browse to the location of your ICQ.EXE file (usually in C:\Program Files\ICQ\ICQ.EXE).
Internet Explorer Users: If you are prompted to Open or Save As select Open.

Even if I am currently offline, you can still send me an ICQ message, and I will get it first thing the next time I logon.  So it is still faster than Email.

Are you on a Dreamcast?

Then just fill out the following form, and I will be sent an instant message over ICQ.  Be sure to provide your Email address or some other contact information if you want a reply.

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While you can use this form on a PC or a DC to ICQ me, if you are on a PC it is suggested that you actually get ICQ instead. 



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