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"GoodNight Now!!"

(Pictures from
"Hay!  Stop with the singing down there.  I'm trying to watch a ball game."
     -Matt to some jerk in the crowd who was singing way too loud.
"Oh my God!  They killed Kenny!...  I have been waiting all year to say that." 
    -Matt on the Brewers getting out Kenny Lofton.
"On the field they are recreating the commencement ceremony from the first Police Academy move.  It's a stirring tribute."
    -Matt on a solemn pre-game ceremony in Arizona.
"Are you some kind of mor-on?"
    -Cletus Delroy on Homer shooting open his can of Duff beer.


Mad, err Matt Vasgersian??  Riiight...

Yes.  This is in fact a page dedicated to the man we all hate to love, or is that love to hate?  Anywho...  You all know him as that `freak` who does the play-by-play for the Milwaukee Brewers TV Network, Midwest Sports Channel (MSC), along with his partner, and almost equally goofy, former Brewer catcher Bill Schroeder (hmmm, I wonder where Matt got the idea to grow a goatee??).  There are other places you have probably seen him too.  Here is a quick list for you to peruse.

Brewers TV telecasts
Sports Geniuses (a game show) on MSC/Fox Sports
Commercials for PlayStation's 989 Studio's sports games
FX cable network doing such things as Toughman contests
Has been heard numerous times on SportsCenter highlights
Once seen on The New Dating Game... muHAHAHAHA

I have season tickets for the Brewers (well a 20 game Sunday package at least), so look for me there Matt (hehe).  I'm at UpperBox 10, Row 6, Seat 17/18!  I to hope make it to most of my games (if I can handle it, damn are the Brewers bad this year).  

'Happy Youngster' Haters

Recently a so-called 'Happy Youngster' (thanks to Bill Schroeder) has been seen at Brewer games wearing a yellow 'Happy Youngster' T-Shirt.  Well I for one can't stand him!  For one thing, he reached over the wall and caught a ball clearly in play, and so the umps called it a homerun.  That would be fine, but it was for the visiting team!  He goes so far as to push little kids out of the way so he himself can grab the ball!  And now he seems to make an appearance at every game.  He was even interviewed during a game broadcast on MSC!  I mean what has this kid done to deserve this attention?  Nothing!  Matt was glad once on Sports Geniuses when no one could remember the name of that kid who caught that 'homerun' for the Yankees during the World Series a few years ago.  So why does Matt keep bringing up this kid?  Is it because this kid kisses Matt's ass so much?  Bah!  Oh, and anyone from Manitowoc just has to be pure e-vil.

Is that a pair of binoculars under there, or....

Last year during a Brewers road trip to Montreal, Matt discovered an AMAZING product for us alcoholics out there (you know who you are).  A couple in the crowd (an elderly couple to boot) had what seemed to be a harmless pair of binoculars.  But alas, it was oh such more...  Hidden inside was ALCOHOL!  Yes, this couple had finally found a way to smuggle alcohol inside the park past the tight security.  It was truly ingenuous.  I know I want a pair...

A: Sports Genius.  Q: What Matt wishes he was.

Sports Geniuses is a relatively new game show that can be seen on Fox Sports Net, which in the Midwest is often the same channel as MSC.  Thanks in part to Matt (and Lisa Guerrero who is pictured above with Matt for obvious reasons), the show can be quite enjoyable to watch.  But be warned, some of the questions can be mighty tough.  For example, can you name the opening day line-up of the eventual 1984 World Series champion?  I didn't think so...  Still, I highly suggest you check this one out while you wait for Millionaire to come on.

Weeknights 6 PM and 11 PM local time

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If there is anything wrong with what is contained on this page, please let me know.  If you think there is something wrong with me for making such a page, let me know that too.  If you would like to thank me for making a page as beautiful as this, let me know.  If you would like to join the Vasgersian Fan Club, well, I don't know of one, so you will have to start one first...  The first six billion people to E-Mail me, will get a FREE subscription the What Matt Said... newsletter that is sent out every time Matt makes an ass, err astute comment.  (So be sure to include your E-Mail address.  Do not worry, no company in their right minds would pay me for a Vasgersian newsletter subscription list.  So there is no fear of your E-Mail address falling into the wrong hands.)

Where can I find out more?

At your local library, silly.  Or you can try one of the links below...

The Official Milwaukee Brewers Website
Sports Geniuses
Midwest Sports Channel




(Sorry about my use of the word "astute".  I had to make a quick save, and that is all I could think of.  Again, I apologize.)



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