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Launch date -> October 26, 2000
The Console's Price -> $299.99
The Games' Est. Price -> $49.99

Noise Land Video Arcade

I spend way too much of my time (and money) on video games.  So it was natural that I would have a section on this site devoted to video games.  I mainly play console based games, and I only use my PC for FPS and RTS type games.  Of all the console makers, right now my favorites are Nintendo and Sega (in that order).  However, PlayStation2 could change all that... but let's hope not.

DC vs. PlayStation2 vs. Dolphin vs. X-Box vs...

There is a lot of debate going on about which console will win, or at least which consoles will be worth buying.  Just go into any video game related chat room or newsgroup and that's what you see half the time.  Books have been written on this subject.  So everyone ask me, "Bone which are ones are you buying?"  Answer: I have no frickin` clue!  I have a DC, but will I keep it?  DC has many good points, but its lack of third-party support is a concern.  Not to mention the other systems are vastly superior in terms of hardware.  However, the fact that DC should be online well before any of the other systems, along with the fact it is the first out, does give DC a decided edge.  Sega also has a way of making these really cool, quirky games that are a lot of fun to play.  No other system has a ChuChu Rocket or a Jet Set Radio.  Are you a sports fan?  Right now Visual Concepts (makers of NFL2K and NBA2K) are the darlings of the video game sports industry.  Will they topple the giants known as Electronic Arts?  Only time will tell...

So what about the other systems coming?  PlayStation2 (PS2) has the major third-party support any great system needs, but that's all it has going for it right now.  If the others can get it too, there is no reason to get a PS2.  Still, the PS2 is the safest bet right now because it's sure to sell like hotcakes this Christmas.  Project Dolphin, well... I don't know much about it (even the name isn't finalized).  Yet, since I'm a big Nintendo fan, I WILL be getting this one.  Nintendo is still at the forefront in terms of innovation.  X-Box?  Umm, yeah it is Microsoft, but if it can get the games, it is a better alternative to the Sony system.  In the end, it is still too early to tell what will become of these systems.

SooOo, I say if you have a DC, GREAT!  Keep it and enjoy it while all the other systems are released (Note: they should be released in the same order that they are listed as in the title above).  (Don't worry, the DC will keep you very busy, and very happy, with its selection of online games.)  Then look around, and make a choice.  Since I'm sure you will want one of these too.  However, if you have yet to get a system (especially if you are happy with your PSX/N64 for now), then you may what to wait until at least the PS2 is released before committing to a system.  And if you are one of those who only own one video game console at a time, then definitely wait.  But waiting isn't very much fun:(

They are still king of all the console makers solely for their own (and Rare's) games.  N64 was a disappointment after the amazing success of the NES and SNES, and Nintendo has slipped a bit.  But hopefully Project Dolphin will change all that.

In reality they have made one highly successful system (Genesis), and have had two other "less" (cough-cough) successful attempts at a consol.  Their fourth sure has started out strong, but will it continue that way.  Who knows... and right now who cares...




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