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This is the news section of this website.  The place to go for all of your latest informational needs...

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Finally it's here!  So go check out my sports page!!

What the heck is UCB you say?  Well, it's this really <messed>-up sketch comedy show on Comedy Central.  If you are looking for something different on T.V. from all those Friends wannabes, you should check it out.  They originally hail from Madison, WI, but now you will find that UCB is everywhere... a funny Big Brother if you will.  Plus, it's educational.  I learned all about the traditional game of Thunderball, and learned to ask myself tough questions like, "I wonder if I was in a violent sport like Thunderball, if I would have the courage to kill someone..."  Just remember, Don't Think...

Comedy Central: Monday, 10:30PM Eastern
UCB Official Website

Yes, this too is out of Madison (they really have some issues in that city...).  They claim to be "America's Finest News Source", and I for one am not about to disagree.  With groundbreaking articles that no other newspaper had the GUTS to publish like, "Congress Wonders If It's Even Making A Difference Anymore."  They broke the story, "Federal Judge Rules Parker Brothers Holds Monopoly Monopoly."  And yes, it does cover sports like, "Special Olympics T-Ball Stand Pitches Perfect Game."  So, for the latest news, forget publications like The New York Times, this is the only paper you need to read...



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