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...From Terror Lake, err Springfield

Yes, you figured it out.  This is in fact a page about my all-time favorite cartoon.  Heck, it's my all-time favorite show period!  Please take the time to enjoy this excellent show before Fox turns into a hard-core sex channel:(

Fox: Sunday, 8:00PM Eastern


Here are a few wave sound-bites from The Simpsons that I have collected over the years.  These are the ones I enjoyed the most, and I will change/add more over time.  Enjoy these now, before I am hit with the dreaded Cease and Desist order...

Coming soon...

Simpsons In Windows

Windows can get quite boring at times...  So spice it up with this little program!  Run it, and every now and then, you will get a cameo appearance from Bart in your Windows.  Sweeeet...


Simpson Geniuses

So how smart are you?  Well, how much do you know about the Simpsons (since this is the best indicator of high intelligence)?  Check out these 200 'simple' little questions...

"It Tastes Like Burning..."

Ah yes, of one my favorite characters is Ralph Wiggum.  Check this page out for a list of his appearances in classic Simpsons episodes, including some of his most famous lines...

On loan from the Springfield Art Museum.  Part of The Lost Works of Dali Collection.



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