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Dreamcast Browser v2.0!

PlanetWeb has released the newest version of it's DC web browser.  It is included with new DCs, in issue 6 (July/August) of ODCM, or through Sega (call 1-877-383-3291 to request a copy).  Check out Dricas World for more.  The following is a list of some of the new features.

HTML 3.2
Flash 3
MP3, WAV, AIFF, and AU audio
128-bit Encryption
Javascript upgrades
PNG advanced graphics
New option to set your time zone
Web-based force feedback through the Jump Pack
Greater VMU interactivity
E-Mail attachments (to send/receive VMU files)

It is a shame though, v2.0 still isn't a very good web browser.  Where is Java support?  That "web cluster" that pops-up when you hit Start is still a pain to use.  Bullets in lists are centered on the line they mark instead of at the beginning of it, and this makes it hard to read lists.  And why did they include only version 3 of Flash?  4 is out, with 5 coming soon.  I tried to go to, but it wouldn't load since it was using Flash 4!!  It does allow you to E-Mail VMU files now (v1.0 should of had that simple function though), and the number of new E-Mails you have appears on your VMU screen.  Still, PlanetWeb has a lot to learn about web browsers. Relaunches! has just launched their new site.  It's obviously geared-up for the upcoming online gaming revolution.  You can sign up (if you haven't already), and make a personal profile.  The profile includes things as your favorite quote, favorite website, e-mail address, and where you are from.  But it can also include such gaming information as your ranking, your last 5 VMU uploads (Yes!!), and your favorite games.  When you first sign up, you pick a 'zone' to be in.  What, if any, difference exists between them is unknown.  Except that those that pre-registered got into the 'pioneer' zone.

There is also a huge VMU area for downloading, and uploading (Yes!!), VMU game saves and mini-games.  You can find Namco's Soul Calibur VMU mini-game, and the VMU Animator there now.  I highly suggest you go there now!!  (But be sure to come back here;)  I will have more in the near future...

My user name -> bonestormer@pioneer

Chat on your Dreamcast!!

That's right, you can chat with people around the world on your DC.  Sega runs their own IRC (chat) server (  Look for me there as BoneStorm or PuNchNpiE!  Some of the chat rooms I suggest are:  (These links only work on Dreamcast.)

#Nintendo: For Nintendo fans only
#Dolphin: On the future of Nintendo
#PlayStation2: 'Offical' PS2 chat room of
#PS2: Alternate PS2 chat room
#Hybrid: Home of the Nbrids
#bar: 'Adult' chat
#XBox: Microsoft's chat room
#Shenmue: On the future of DC

also has a chat server:  (These links only work on Dreamcast.)

#ign64: Dedicated to the N64
#igndc: Dedicated to the DC

If you're on a PC, and are looking for a mIRC script to use on, check this one out...

Use AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) on DC!!

That's right folks, someone has found a way to use AIM while on your DC.  For more check out my DC AIM page.

DC and the Internet Sadness

Right now the only online game is ChuChu Rocket, and while I'm a big fan of the game, it is sometimes plagued with awful lag.  Yes, Sega Swirl is playable over the internet, but through E-Mail and so it's so slow that it's really unplayable.  Still, the DC can be used to do other things over the internet.  You can surf the web, chat, or e-mail.  You can also download game saves.  Check out my VMU page for game saves and other VMU stuff.   If you need help, or want more info on what you can do with your DC online, check out the sites below.
Dreamcast Netcenter (not affiliated with Sega)



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