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There are many great game developers out there, many good console makers out there.  Yet, none reach the level that is known as Nintendo.  I have owned a NES/SNES/N64, and plan on getting Project Dolphin once it is released (whenever that may be...).  Call them too kiddy, call them the master of delays.  But you cannot deny that what they do make is hella fun to play!


What is it?  Well, it's Sega's Nintendo fan club.  (Yes, you read that right.)  Since I'm the webmaster there, I will use that site for all Nintendo related stuff from now on.  So check it out...

NbridNet: "Official" website of the Nbrids
#Hybrid: "Official" chat room on  (link only works on Dreamcast.).

Perfect Dark!!!

Yes!!  Rare's follow up to one of the best games ever, Goldeneye, is here!!  The multi-player modes alone should keep me busy until Dolphin comes out...  If you don't have it yet, what are you waiting for?  Drop whatever you are doing, and GO GET IT!  For more information, check out my shrine to Perfect Dark.  On second thought, just go play the game...

I want, err NEED Earthbound 64!

I have always been a fan of the somewhat quirky Earthbound (known as Mother in Japan) for the SNES.  With its offbeat, dark humor, and great, yet simple game play, Earthbound is an excellent RPG overall.  Eathbound 64 (Mother 3) has been batted around for a long time now for the N64, but has been a long time coming.  Originally slated for the 64DD, it now doesn't seem to be headed to the U.S. at all since the first Earthbound didn't sell all that well, and that's a shame.  So be heard, and sign this petition at Starmen.Net to bring EB64 to the States.  Its not like your too busy playing a different RPG on the N64 right now...

EB64 petition at Starmen.Net



Your N64 is Dead, and No One Cares...

Well I wish it was, because that would help the Dolphin get here sooner.  The sad truth is that in March 2000, the N64 sold more consoles than either the DC or PSX.  (Thanks to Pokemon, which is just another reason to hate those things.)  Still, there are a few good games out, or coming out, that should be worth purchasing.

Perfect Dark (of course)
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Eternal Darkness
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Dinosaur Planet

I'm sure there could be one or two more.  But if you noticed, most of these games are by Nintendo or Rare.  Showing yet once again that Nintendo/Rare still know how to make the best games, and why I'll be sure to get a Dolphin.  Check out if you want more information on any of these games.  Or check out my reviews for a selection of the elite N64 games.






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