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A Bonestormer Crazy Download...

This page is chalk full of downloads for you to enjoy.  Some are Direct Downloads (on my server), others may be links to a download.  Yet, I assure you I will do my best to bring you only the high quality downloads you deserve, and links that work.

  b s . b i t . s c i p t . 5 . s e g a 

Looking for a nice and easy script for mIRC, but yet has all the features you need?  And one that is specially made for  Well check out b_i_t_._s_c_r_i_p_t (by /onLINEr\).  It is full of commands that are commonly used on IRC.  It has all the commands for's Nick/Chan/MemoServ, and everything else one needs when they are an op.  Plus much, much more.  The script located here is my own personal version of this script (tailored for  It includes the following enhancements over v.4.0...

NickServ Auto ID:  Automatically identifies your registered nicks with NickServ whenever you log-on or switch to one (or when NickServ comes back online after it has crashed).  No more typing "/msg NickServ IDENTIFY...", or being killed for not identifying.
NickServ/ChanServ/MemoServ Commands for  NickServ/ChanServ/MemoServ commands were updated for use on (for example, the ChanServ command access).  
Keyword Notify: You can set up to 5 keywords.  Then whenever someone says one, you will not miss it.  This is done by not only highlighting the line, but if it's not in the active window, the line will also  appear in the active window along with where it came from.  Works well with short forms of nicks (i.e.  I use keyword "bone" since I go by BoneStorm).
Auto-Greeter:  Set up to 5 rooms where you would like people to receive a welcome and a goodbye from you automatically.  Use with caution.
Perv Scan:  An excellent add-on utility that helps keep your rooms "clean" from words you deem inappropriate.
And a few other minor enhancements are included (updated Quit messages, send your user info to a channel (i.e. ICQ#, E-Mail, Webpage, Zone...), etc...).

It has all this, yet it is very simple to use, and very simple looking.  You don't have to wade through all that 'hacker' stuff with this script.

Please note that this download does NOT include a copy of mIRC.  So you will need to download one first.  If you already have one, make sure it is at least version 5.6, and I also suggest that you use a fresh copy of it to install this script into.  Then using WinZip, extract the files into the mIRC directory you just installed it to (usually c:\mirc).   Make sure to check both the "Use folder names" and "Overwrite existing files" boxes.

Get mIRC  (~270kb)


How Smart are You Really?

Do you think you are smarter than most people?  It is true that most people are just plain dumb.  Do to lack of education, and other factors.  But maybe you're not as smart as you think, or maybe you're smarter than you think.  Download this not very scientific IQ test to see where you stand.  I was told my IQ was 150... so I know it's accurate...  ( Note: You will need an unzipping utility.  One can be found at )

IQ Test



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