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Second-Generation VMUs!!

Now in assorted colors!
Battery Saving enhancements!  Now when you turn off your DC, any VMUs left in a controller, will instantly turn off!  Before they would stay on another minute, and waste precious battery life for no reason.

  Visual Memory Unit ($19.99)

The DC's memory card, acts as your personal screen in many DC games, and can be taken on the go to play mini-games.  It is a tad small (only 128kb, 200 blocks), but hopefully this will expand.  You can buy larger ones made by third parties right now,  but if you do get one of these, I suggest you get one that does NOT compress the data since they are much more reliable (unfortunately, most third-party memory cards do compress the data, like InterAct and Performance for example).  The Nexus 4x Memory Card is a great example of one that doesn't, and this one can save games to your PC to boot!!

E-Mail your VMU files to your friends!

The Dreamcast Browser v2.0 now gives DC users the ability to E-Mail VMU files as attachments.  Just create a new E-Mail using the browser as usual.  Then click on 'attachments' to add as many VMU files as you want to the letter.  Whenever you get an E-Mail with attachments, you will be asked if you would like to save them to your VMU.  Simple.  This can be used to give you unlimited space on your VMU.  Just E-Mail the VMU files to yourself, leave them on your E-Mail server, and download them again when you need the files.  Sweet!

Share your VMU files with the world!

The newly launched gives users the ability to upload game saves for other users to download.  In the VMU section of, just click on the link to upload your VMU stuff, pick the VMU file to upload, write a short description of the file, and it's off!  Sega will review the file, and post it for others to download once it has been deemed 'appropriate' for all.  I myself (BoneStormer) have uploaded the following game saves...

Toy Commander (all levels, and all boss times, beaten)
Shadowman (all 120 souls, all items, most cheats)

Download VMU Game Saves

The following links are from, and require a login/password to download.  Signing up on DC can be quite a pain, so write down the following login/password, and use it instead.

Login ->   /  Password -> bvmu

Crazy Taxi (23 pages)
NBA2K (198 blocks)
NFL2K (191 blocks)
Ready 2 Rumble (2 blocks)
RE: Code Veronica (9 blocks)
Sonic Adventure (10 pages)
Soul Calibur (12 pages)
Toy Commander (2 pages)
Vigilante 8 (4 pages)
Dead or Alive 2 (7 pages) <-- DoA2 game save hack.  See the original arcade intro, 'Age' is set to 255, time is at 999, and see pictures of possible hidden characters in the high score tables.

For more game saves, try...



VMU Mini-Games

These can be found as part of a game itself (like Chao Adventure in Sonic), or you can download them.  Here are some places to download games and other VMU oddities (like the VMU Animator)...


Hidden VMU Mini-Games

Yes, you can get many different games for your VMU right now, but did you know that Sonic Adventure has a hidden one?  Unfortunately, you can only play it while the VMU is in a DC controller:(  To get it, put a controller in the fourth slot (D), and hit start.  It's one of those sliding-tile puzzle games, called Chao Puzzle here.  Use 'A' to slide a piece into the empty slot (which is grayed out), and hit 'B' to get a new puzzle if you get stuck.  Can you beat 5 puzzles??  (It keeps track of how many you have won on the left side of the screen with little dashes.)  Enjoy!



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