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  Milwaukee Rocks... yeah right...

I'm at a lose for words to describe them.  Let's just say their pitching SUCKS!

Bring Back the Glove Campaign 2000

I will have more on this soon.  But for now, keep wearing your 'old' Brewer gear, the ones with the glove symbol.  And if your feeling ambitious, make signs with the Brewer glove insignia, and bring them to the game to show your support for this effort.  We are doing this since the symbol the Brewers use now is a joke (well it is better than that crossed bats one).  The glove was just so cool.  All they needed to do was update it with the new Brewer colors (blue and green lets say), and they wouldn't of had to change it.

Look for me at the game!

Yes, I actually have a 20 game "season" ticket for the Brewers, plus I have tickets to the very last County Stadium game (bring on Miller Park!).  I do go to many of them... so say hello (HAHAHAHA).

UBX-10, ROW-6, SEAT-17/18

Silver Lining, Part I - Game Announcers

The Brewer's as a team may suck, but their announcers sure don't.

Brewer's Radio: Mr. Baseball himself, Bob Uecker!  He makes listening to the game on the radio more than bearable, even when the Brewers are down by 10.  It's good to see him in Miller commercials again.
Brewer's TV: Matt Vasgersian and Bill Schroeder.  They make one hell of a team.  Matt's the weird guy, and Bill is the more level headed guy.  Well, that used to be true.  Matt has had a detrimental influence on Bill, and so really there is no longer a "level headed" guy...

Silver Lining, Part II - Fan Rewards

The Brewers are part of this new Fan's Reward Program.  You sign up, and each time you go to a game, you swipe your card in a special reader.  Each swipe gives you 10 points, and a few 'coupons'.  Over time you can earn things like window cling stickers (50 points), to a baseball hat (250 points), and more.  All you have to do is answer a few survey questions.  For example, 'What is your favorite soft drink."  Simple.  For more information, check out

  Game Plan

Brewer games have a set order in which they do their different in-game promotions.  Here you will find a list of what happens, and when.  Of course it includes the ever popular Sausage Race...


For more information...

The Official Milwaukee Brewers Website:  Includes games for you kids out there.  Checkers, crossword puzzles, word jumbles, color Bernie the Brewer, and even a sliding-tile puzzle!!
Midwest Sports Channel  (Brewers TV Network)



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