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AOL Instant Messenger for your DC!!

It may not be the instant messaging you want for DC.  Since there are no real 'instant' messages while you're surfing the web, but for now it will have to do.  At least there is a way to use AIM on DC.  While you're trying this method out, check to see if I'm currently online.  (My AIM ID is bonestormer)

If you're not registered with AIM, follow this link and register at the bottom: AOL Instant Messenger.


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Step 1.) Type in the following address in the URL bar of any DC browser: pwchat:// (or just click here)

Step 2.) Pick a nickname (different or the same as your AIM or AOL name, doesn't matter) by typing: /nick NAME YOU CHOOSE, and then register it by typing the following: /msg nickserve register PASSWORD (where the objects in ALL CAPS are of your choosing).

Step 3.) Now to sign on to AIM (after registering), type the following: /msg aimserv signon AIMNAME PASSWORD

Step 4.) To add buddies to your list (which will start out blank) type the following: /msg aimserve add_buddy BUDDYNAME (to remove buddies, type the following: /msg aimserve remove_buddy BUDDYNAME)

Step 5.) To talk to your buddies, type the following: /msg aim-BUDDYNAME WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY

Step 6.) To see which of your buddies are online, type the following: /msg aimserv onbuddies

Step 7.) To see your complete buddy list, including offline buddies, type: /msg aimserv buddylist

Step 8.) To search for buddies, old or new, type the following: /msg aimserv dir_search NAME OR INFO TO SEARCH FOR



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