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Our Manifesto (a.k.a. Seven Points of Light)

This web page is for entertainment purposes only.  Any other reasons are strictly forbidden.
We will do OUR best to provide you with a quality surfing experience.  What OUR best comprises of is left to OUR digression.
To speed up your experience, our pages have limited use of graphics.  You will also notice we DO NOT use Java, frames, midi, or any other www annoyance, and we do not suggest their use to anyone.  Once you leave this site, we will not be held responsible for any speed bumps you encounter.
Viewing this web site (or any site in fact) on a DC is a joke.  PlanetWeb has no clue what a web browser is.
Notice to all AOL members...You are not wanted here or anywhere on the web.
We do not endorse any pornography use on the net.  We encourage you to voice your opinion on the subject to others as loudly as possible...  
All we ask in return is that you question everything you see.  DO NOT give in to the commercialism that surrounds you.  Then send us $20 to help pay for this site.  Brought to you with love by the folks from Nike, Coke, Microsoft, Dante's Inferno, Starter, Gap, MTV, AOL, The NBA, and NBC.  May they all die a slow death, but unfortunately your still buying into their product, Benjamins.



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Unauthorized reproduction of these pages, in whole or in part, is prohibited.
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