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I'm a Freaking Moron!

ChuChu can be tough to get into.  Below are a couple of suggestions to help the transition into the world of Chu...



First, make sure you read through all of the Help menus.  It does a good job of explaining the game's rules.
Play a few games, and just watch what the computer does.  First just watch the computer on Easy, but since that's not a very good model to follow, I suggest you also watch at a higher difficulty.
Go into options and slow down the speed of the mice.  This will give you more time to think about where you should place the arrows until you get the hang of it.
Make sure you really understand how the mice move.   So when the mice are moving downwards and hit a wall, and turn right, you understand that their right is now your left...
Learn to use the analog stick.  You can move your cursor around much faster with the stick than with the d-pad.
Also, make sure you learn about all 8 events that can pop up on the roulette from a ?-mouse, and what each do.


Now that you have the hang of it, here are a few game play tips to help spring you to that next level.

Always keep one eye on what the competition is doing.   Who is in the lead?  Are you in the lead?  Is someone trying to send a cat into your rocket?
Early in the game, getting hit by a cat doesn't mean jack... Oh-No!  I just lost 33% of 3 mice...
The 50-mice and the ?-mice are sooo important to get into your rocket.  The 50-mice are obvious, but ?-mice may lead to a Mouse Monopoly or Cat Attack which can really help you out.  Get a  Mouse Mania closely followed by a Mouse Monopoly, and your set...  Since everyone is going after these, you most likely will need to place arrows, and "walk" square by square, the mouse to your rocket.
Games are usually won or lost during a Mouse Mania or Cat Mania.  So hoard those mice, or avoid those cats.  A Cat Mania is a good time to hit the leader with a few cats, especially if you can do so while avoiding cats yourself.
Except when there is a Cat Mania, there is never more than one cat on the board at a time... So if you have a big lead, just keep it away from you.  And if you don't see that one cat on the board, you may want to step back for a second, because it's coming...
No lead is safe.  Just send a few cats into the leaders rocket, each which decreases their total by 33%, and your right back in it.  Try and make a path to the leader's rocket.  Leaving no spaces for the opponent to place their own arrows, and point the cats away from themselves.  You may have to move your arrows, and "walk" the cat there...
No lead is safe.  When you have a big lead, your best bet is to block off your rocket so there is no way someone can send a cat your way.  Yes, this keeps you from getting any mice, but missing a few mice is better than losing 33% of your mice...
Avoid Cat fights.  This is when two players keep bouncing a cat back and forth, head-on, between two arrows (that of course the cat keeps destroying).  This is usually just a waste of your time, and the chance of losing the 'fight' is too great.  Try and aim the cat away from you instead, but beware of sending it along a path that can lead to your rocket.  Try and place an arrow on the space your opponent keeps placing one on too.  If you do get into a fight, hit the button like MAD, but look around to see if you can change the arrow's direction and get it the hell out of there...  Unless of course you're trying to get it into a rocket... then try and make an alternative path to the rocket... maybe one they will 'stupidly' send the cat on, trying to get out of the cat fight...
Remember, cats only destroy arrows they hit HEAD-ON.  So if you can place an arrow that instead, for example, points a cat towards a wall that it hits, turns right, and heads back in the direction it came from, you are MUCH better off...  This helps avoid those dreaded Cat Fights... that you are bound to lose.
Learn all the levels, and how best to get mice into your rocket from each of the rocket spots.  Also, learn how to best block your rocket off should you need to.
Not all staring positions are equal.  On some boards, some spots are better than the others.  For example, in the one with all the rockets lined up on the left, if you are the bottom rocket, all u have to do is aim the mice towards the bottom of the screen, and they will find their way into your rocket... 
When playing online, you have to keep in mind the lag means it takes a few seconds for your arrow to appear on the board.  So you have to think ahead.  When the lag is really bad... just throw your controller down, and curse Sega...
Lastly, ChuChu is part skill, and part luck... NO ONE is unbeatable...



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